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“Moblifying” Your Website Isn’t Enough

Do you suffer from the difficult dilemma of making your website mobile-friendly but at the risk of sacrificing important company information? Next IT creates tools that go beyond Siri’s abilities. By

The Big Lockout

When Next IT learned that account-access issues are the reason for 30% – 40 of the average call center’s traffic, we decided to dig a little deeper to find out more about the problem that’s giving hea

Challenge Tech Companies to Support Users in Real Time

Ever had an issue with an internet company and tried to get an actual person on the phone? If so, you know it’s an exercise in futility. Next IT believes it’s time to challenge this billion-dollar ind

Customers are Loving Intelligent Engagement Technology (And You Should Too!)

When Amtrak implemented "Ask Julie" on its website, the railroad service empowered its 375k daily web visitors to self-serve in a more intelligent and productive fashion. Read more to see why every co

Does Your Company Have a Complete Website?

When customers contact your call centers, it’s not because they really want to. They’re wishing that their recent visit to your website was just as helpful as a conversation with one of your employees

Thinking Beyond Knowledge Management and Search Will Pay Off Big

People think of virtual assistants for businesses in the same vein as self-service tools like search. Same thing, right? Actually, no. The difference lies in the approach and capabilities of each tool

Virtual Assistants: How Perception is Affecting User Experience

When it comes to using Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs), user experience is not only related to the quality and accuracy of the given answer but also the type of IVA and user expectations. There

What the Government Gets Right in Customer Service

Government agencies are constantly searching for innovative ways to improve the customer journey. And with a new Intelligent Virtual Assistant from Next IT, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services i

Winning back the customer experience

When customers’ first pick for information about your company is a Google search, the quality of their experience suffers – but A.I.-based virtual assistants are ready to take over as the preferred ch

Your Website – A Friendly Place to Visit

Siri has transformed the way people interact with their iPhones. With qualities that closely mirror those of a great customer service agent, Next IT's intelligent virtual assistants transform the way

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Next IT with GIL 88 Award for Leadership and Innovation in Latin America

Next IT recently received its second Frost & Sullivan Award in Latin America—showing market leadership in the intelligent assistant industry by driving change through innovation for enterprise clients

Next IT-Powered Intelligent Assistant for Amtrak Wins Industry Accolades

Next IT-Powered Intelligent Assistant for Amtrak Wins Industry Accolades

Next IT Receives Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation

Next IT has proudly accepted the Frost & Sullivan award for leading the Virtual Agent Applications Market in Competitive Strategy Innovation in Latin America with its Alme platform.

Next IT To Present at Worldwide Airline Customer Relations Association Conference September 23 – 26 in Kuala Lumpur

Next IT To Present at Worldwide Airline Customer Relations Association Conference September 23 – 26 in Kuala Lumpur

Next IT Webinar: Bridging the Gap Between Us and That

Next IT Webinar: Bridging the Gap Between Us and That

Next IT webinar: conquering customer login issues

Next IT webinar: conquering customer login issues

Smart Devices Meet Army Recruiting: The U.S. Army Launches Conversational Virtual Assistant for Smart Devices

Smart Devices Meet Army Recruiting: The U.S. Army Launches Conversational Virtual Assistant for Smart Devices

The Future of Healthcare Innovation: Next IT @ SXSW 2014

Next IT has submitted a proposal for participation in next year’s SXSW Interactive festival in Austin, Texas – a gathering place for some of the most innovative technical minds. Next IT would like to

The Secret to Customer Success with Enterprise Chatbots

The Secret to Customer Success with Enterprise Chatbots

TMT News Recognizes Next IT With 2016 Technology Award

TMT News Recognizes Next IT With 2016 Technology Award

United Airlines Signs Deal with Next IT

United Airlines Signs Deal with Next IT

Vote Next IT for SXSW 2016

Featuring a deep dive into the state of AI and a discussion on the technology’s exciting healthcare applications, Next IT’s two SXSW 2015 presentations captured the audience’s imagination and were the

Why Healthcare Organizations Need an AI Strategy

Just like Uber turned transportation on its head and video streaming annihilated Blockbuster, AI is here to disrupt healthcare and your organization should prepare by asking, “What is our AI Strategy?

Insights from Engage 2018: Chatbots, Automation, and AI

Insights from Engage 2018: Chatbots, Automation, and AI

5 Reasons To Put A.I. To Work for Your Organization

Whether it’s for the benefit of your customers or your employees, if your company wants to simplify online self-service, you’ve probably explored a lot of options, including domain-specific virtual as

An Intelligent Virtual Assistant Doesn’t Just Answer, It Listens

Don't make assumptions about what your customers want. Instead, listen and learn so that you can grow your business and better serve your customers.

Agile Business Strategy Promotes Growth, Success and Expertise

In business and in life, things don’t always go exactly as planned. Next IT has found that adopting a flexible methodology allows us to quickly adapt to and grow from the unexpected twists and turns t

Conversation is the New User Interface

Most people view voice recognition as the most advanced way to interact with digital devices. Pair it with a conversational interface that understands the intent of user requests, though, and a whole

Do Not Pass Go: Deploying IVAs in the Calculated Enterprise

The age of A.I. based, conversational customer service is here – and your customers are interacting with a greater number of enterprise-grade intelligent assistants every day. But before shopping for

Evaluating the IVA Experience, Part I: Human-Driven Evaluation

When designing a conversational A.I. experience, striking a balance between your business goals and your customers’ expectations isn’t always an easy task. But with careful analysis, you’ll find that

Evaluating the IVA Experience, Part II: Machine-Driven Analysis

On the flip-side of an intelligent virtual assistant’s greatest asset – the ability to interact with thousands upon thousands of people every day – lies an enormous challenge: ensuring the quality of

Facebook Messenger gets conversational and intelligent with Next IT IVAs

From web to mobile to social media, there’s not a digital channel where Next IT virtual assistants don’t feel at-home. Watch a demo of Next IT’s latest endpoint in action.

Frameworks for Building Trust in Conversational AI: Brené Brown and B.R.A.V.I.N.G.

Building trust in both business and personal relationships is something we’ve inherently been doing since we were born. So how do you build trustworthiness into a machine? We’ve broken down bestsellin

11 Enterprises Getting It Right in 2012 (Pssst: it’s about the brand promise)

Certain types of questions don’t require a high success rate. However, when you ask you insurance organization a personal coverage question, or are trying to book a flight, the answers need to be accu

Happy Birthday Jenn! Alaska Airlines’ Virtual Employee: Quite Accomplished at Five

The airline industry’s first virtual-assistant service, Alaska Airlines’ Ask Jenn has turned five! Since her launch, Jenn has worked 24/7 and racked up 43,800 hours – equivalent to a full-time employe

To Human or Not to Human…that is the question.

The recent Comcast debacle has put customer service in the spotlight – and it has many companies wondering how well they’re represented on their live channels. Next IT’s Steve Harper shares his though

Getting More Out of Your Workforce with Intelligent Assistants

Getting More Out of Your Workforce with Intelligent Assistants

“Ask Julie” Named Best Consumer Application of AI

Each year, Awards.AI celebrates the advances in AI technology, recognizing innovative companies that are pushing the field forward. This year, “Ask Julie,” which has been hard at work on Amtrak.com si

An Understanding of Next IT IVAs

Looking for a quick and easy description of what Next IT does? Rachel Wilson is here to give you the basics.

Jobs for Humans Versus Bots?

When people hear about our automated customer-service solutions, they often assume that we're taking away jobs. The truth? Our intelligent virtual assistants create thriving business that hire.

Modernize Live Chat with an AI Chatbot

Offering your customers a way to self-serve is critically important in this age of insta-everything. Optimize your chat channel with the power of AI. Align Alme® intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs)

What Makes a Great Virtual Assistant?

Since the mid-1960s, computers have been able to respond to basic questions. Creating a virtual assistant with a humanlike knowledge of thousands of subjects, though, requires the ability to listen ac

Why Automated Self Service Sucks

Most self-service channels require the user to first figure out how to navigate them before they search for information that’s relevant to their issue. The proliferation of smart devices means that or

How Technology fits into the Health Insurance Exchange Picture

Insurance exchanges are supposed to help the uninsured find health insurance. With government mandates for states to build one by January 2014, there is a focus on online enrollment capabilities and i

Making Purchasing Insurance Easy for Everyday People

Why is buying health insurance so difficult? There are so many questions, so many options, and you have to give personal information you may not be comfortable sharing with a random call-center rep. N

Payers, Get Ready....

The Affordable Care Act is a mixed bag for healthcare payers. On the one hand, millions of potential customers bringing good business. On the other, it will take considerable effort and superior custo

Customer Service IVA's Improve Productivity with a Human Touch

Verint's Collaborative Intelligence Model enables AI-powered Virtual Assistants & Customer Service to maximize customer experience & outcomes

How to Jumpstart Your AI and Self-Service Efforts When Resources are Constrained

Don’t put your automation strategies on the back burner.

How Technology and Agents Will Come Together to Enhance the Customer Experience

Here are three megatrends in the AI landscape this year (2020), bringing tech and superagents together to enhance the customer experience.

Automating for the Future of the Contact Center

With the 2020 pandemic, contact centers are faced with a new set of challenges - learn how AI and automation can help support both customers and agents.
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