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Challenge Tech Companies to Support Users in Real Time

Ever had an issue with an internet company and tried to get an actual person on the phone? If so, you know it’s an exercise in futility. Next IT believes it’s time to challenge this billion-dollar ind

Customers are Loving Intelligent Engagement Technology (And You Should Too!)

When Amtrak implemented "Ask Julie" on its website, the railroad service empowered its 375k daily web visitors to self-serve in a more intelligent and productive fashion. Read more to see why every co

Does Your Company Have a Complete Website?

When customers contact your call centers, it’s not because they really want to. They’re wishing that their recent visit to your website was just as helpful as a conversation with one of your employees

Now what was that password?

Nearly everyone has forgotten their password or username at one time or another, and it’s prevented them from accomplishing online tasks that should be effortless. Organizations can now keep customers

SGT STAR Goes Mobile, Deploys in App Store

We’re excited to announce that SGT STAR is now available as an iOS app, providing the U.S. Army with new ways to connect with an increasingly mobile target audience of potential recruits. With the new

Press Release: Next IT Study Shows People are Increasingly Relationship-Driven with Artificial Intelligence

Press Release: Next IT Study Shows People are Increasingly Relationship-Driven with Artificial Intelligence

An Understanding of Next IT IVAs

Looking for a quick and easy description of what Next IT does? Rachel Wilson is here to give you the basics.

Brickmaking and Bricklaying: How to Build Solutions that Change the way Technology Interacts with the World

A handful of companies have developed technology that enables machines to understand natural language, but very few of them have the knowledge or experience to turn that technology into a world-class

Embracing Technology? Your Customers Certainly Are.

Today's consumers want to be in control of their own shopping experience, and they're trending away from stores and toward apps and websites. Companies who make doing business online simple will gain

Enterprise Intelligence: Your Future Depends On It

Enterprise Intelligence: Your Future Depends On It

Frost & Sullivan on the End of a Long-Standing Customer-Service Dilemma

For businesses, no customer service options have been without significant downsides. A recent Frost & Sullivan report, though, points to an alternative that businesses can’t afford to ignore.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants: More Critical Than a Knowledgebase?

Large knowledgebases are a great tool for those seeking to perform exhaustive research. More often than not, though, what’s really needed is single right answer – and that takes a technology that can

Controlling Machine Learning in Business

Machine learning is a pillar of conversational A.I. and natural-language systems that allows them to ingest and apply large amounts of information. In business, machine learning can be a bit unnerving

Making Speech-Recognition Smart

Speech recognition technology, a key advancement in mobile devices, is only one of three critical components for the best customer experience. Like the ears and mouth for communicating, speech recogni

A.I. in the Movies: Ex Machina

Next IT Interactive Graphic Designer Gary Bailey recently spent a night at the movies. Here’s his take on the similarities between the A.I. showcased in “Ex Machina” and Next IT’s virtual assistants.

AI Blueprint: Unlock Conversational Insights to get IVAs and Chatbots Back on the Road

A Simple yet Powerful Plan to get AI Solutions Back on the Road

Next IT Still Dominates the Enterprise Virtual Assistant Space

In light of Nuance’s recent acquisition of the European virtual agent company, VirtuOz, there are four things the market can learn. First, delivering a Virtual Assistant isn’t easy. There is also a di

Conversation Is the Last Frontier of Interface Design

The rules are changing, and user-experience design is moving beyond the GUI. Read on to find out why, now, good UX is all about the conversation.

Conversational AI and Chatbots Fill Pharma Engagement Gap

The reality for patients with chronic conditions is that they often need access to care 24/7, and they, as well as their caregivers, have a lot of questions about their disease state and medication. T

Jobs for Humans Versus Bots?

When people hear about our automated customer-service solutions, they often assume that we're taking away jobs. The truth? Our intelligent virtual assistants create thriving business that hire.

Modernize Live Chat with an AI Chatbot

Offering your customers a way to self-serve is critically important in this age of insta-everything. Optimize your chat channel with the power of AI. Align Alme® intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs)

More Than a Pretty Face

A local tech writer recently compared intelligent virtual assistants to the performing Tupac hologram -- proving that misconceptions about our technology exist even among the technologically literate.

My Apple Predictions

What will the future hold when a world leader in user experience sets its sights on becoming an entertainment content provider? Next IT's Sam Fleming shares is thoughts on new trends in media consumpt

Next IT software engineers present paper on novel machine-learning tactics

Tired of wasting time reentering information again and again when you’ll just have to do the same thing tomorrow? Wouldn’t it be nice if your smartphone or tablet could “remember” your preferences and

Search Engines vs. Natural Language Processing: what’s the difference?

Technology has been continuously evolving away from the old command-line search tools toward less and less explicit means of human-machine interaction, and what the future holds goes well beyond tool

Technology - The Modern Man’s Trusted Steed

The drive to discover tools that take us beyond our natural abilities has been with humanity since the dawn of history. Now, with so many options at our disposal, what we need is a way to make these t

Unifying IT Systems in the Post-Stack Era

When it comes to software to fulfill a specific business need, the range of choices and vendors has never been greater. The resulting patchwork of systems, however, ends up being anything but seamless

What Makes a Great Virtual Assistant?

Since the mid-1960s, computers have been able to respond to basic questions. Creating a virtual assistant with a humanlike knowledge of thousands of subjects, though, requires the ability to listen ac

When I Was Growing Up

Does the invention of the calculator negate the need to learn simple math? Does the availability of Google Translate mean that we no longer have to learn a second language? A recent blog by X-Prize fo

Why Automated Self Service Sucks

Most self-service channels require the user to first figure out how to navigate them before they search for information that’s relevant to their issue. The proliferation of smart devices means that or

I Finally Understand My Customer - Next Steps With Chatbots

There is more to a Chatbot than understanding your customer. Two additional factors are needed... and these are really tricky to get right.

Speech Is Not The Most Natural Interface

Five problems you'll face with conversational AI interfaces for Chatbots, IVRs and virtual agents.

AI, Machine Learning, NLU and You

Don't give a hoot about the buzz words--AI, NLU, NLP. If you want to achieve business impact with your Chatbot or IVR, you need to think differently.

5 Ways You Can Win Customers with Enterprise Chatbots & IVAs

Conversational AI wins customers and creates thriving fans. Learn how IVA and chatbot technology shows customers that you care.

When It Comes to Chatbots, We Need to Think Big

When it comes to building a Chatbot, we encourage our customers to think big, and develop a strategy that scales across their business.

Natural Language Technology Has Major Benefits for the Public Sector

Conversational AI and chatbot technology are big trends for government agencies. Here's what you should consider when applying it.

A Glimpse at Life with a Virtual Health Assistant

As design becomes more intuitive, machines are able to benefit us in new ways, and nowhere does the simplification of human/machine interaction hold more potential for improving lives than in the fiel

Next IT hosts Forrester-led roundtable of mobile health app leaders

In a recent roundtable of mobile health app leaders, Next IT engaged in an important discussion regarding healthcare professionals and companies developing technologies to serve them. Whether you have

Next IT Knocks it out of the Ballpark with Alme for Healthcare

In nearly 12 years, Next IT has developed a virtual assistant platform that successfully addresses the needs of a variety of customers: airlines, telecom giants, financial institutions, and the U.S. A

Patients need a support system to stay healthy

In a recent MedCity News article, Next IT Chief Medical Officer Thomas Morrow, M.D., shines a light on our nation’s struggle with following doctor’s orders.

Payers, Get Ready....

The Affordable Care Act is a mixed bag for healthcare payers. On the one hand, millions of potential customers bringing good business. On the other, it will take considerable effort and superior custo

Resource Guide to Patient Engagement Technologies in Healthcare

If you’re a healthcare professional who’s been looking for new ways to improve patient care, you may have questions about the kinds of technology that can make it happen. Find the guidance you’ve been

Verint IVA is Again Ranked a Top-Rated Enterprise Intelligent Assistant

Verint’s IVA solution has been recognized for the third consecutive year in the Opus Research report “Decision Makers’ Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants” for perfect scores in multiple categories. Read full press release.

How Conversational AI Will Fuel Contact Centers in 2020

Contact centers are moving toward conversational AI adoption to improve customer relationships. Learn how this will continue fueling engagement in 2020.

Language Lesson: What We're Really Talking About When We're Talking About Machine Learning

Boost your machine learning IQ. A machine learning 'cheat sheet' to help you gain insight into understanding key terms.

Using Machine Learning to Create Lasting Success

Develop and enhance your Machine Learning model as you adapt and grow your business.

How to Jumpstart Your AI and Self-Service Efforts When Resources are Constrained

Don’t put your automation strategies on the back burner.

How Technology and Agents Will Come Together to Enhance the Customer Experience

Here are three megatrends in the AI landscape this year (2020), bringing tech and superagents together to enhance the customer experience.

Automating for the Future of the Contact Center

With the 2020 pandemic, contact centers are faced with a new set of challenges - learn how AI and automation can help support both customers and agents.

Leverage AI to Make Your Superagents More Helpful Than Ever

Here are some of the ways artificial intelligence is elevating user interactions and, ultimately, improving call center operations.
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