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Next IT-Powered Intelligent Assistant for Amtrak Wins Industry Accolades

Next IT-Powered Intelligent Assistant for Amtrak Wins Industry Accolades

Next IT Receives Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation

Next IT has proudly accepted the Frost & Sullivan award for leading the Virtual Agent Applications Market in Competitive Strategy Innovation in Latin America with its Alme platform.

Next IT To Present at Worldwide Airline Customer Relations Association Conference September 23 – 26 in Kuala Lumpur

Next IT To Present at Worldwide Airline Customer Relations Association Conference September 23 – 26 in Kuala Lumpur

Next IT Webinar: Bridging the Gap Between Us and That

Next IT Webinar: Bridging the Gap Between Us and That

Next IT webinar: conquering customer login issues

Next IT webinar: conquering customer login issues

Smart Devices Meet Army Recruiting: The U.S. Army Launches Conversational Virtual Assistant for Smart Devices

Smart Devices Meet Army Recruiting: The U.S. Army Launches Conversational Virtual Assistant for Smart Devices

The Future of Healthcare Innovation: Next IT @ SXSW 2014

Next IT has submitted a proposal for participation in next year’s SXSW Interactive festival in Austin, Texas – a gathering place for some of the most innovative technical minds. Next IT would like to

The Secret to Customer Success with Enterprise Chatbots

The Secret to Customer Success with Enterprise Chatbots

TMT News Recognizes Next IT With 2016 Technology Award

TMT News Recognizes Next IT With 2016 Technology Award

United Airlines Signs Deal with Next IT

United Airlines Signs Deal with Next IT

Vote Next IT for SXSW 2016

Featuring a deep dive into the state of AI and a discussion on the technology’s exciting healthcare applications, Next IT’s two SXSW 2015 presentations captured the audience’s imagination and were the

Why Healthcare Organizations Need an AI Strategy

Just like Uber turned transportation on its head and video streaming annihilated Blockbuster, AI is here to disrupt healthcare and your organization should prepare by asking, “What is our AI Strategy?

Vote for me and bring artificial intelligence to the stage at SXSW 2015

Attending 2015 SXSW Interactive? Now’s the time to make your voice heard by voting for panel discussions that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Read on to learn about the panels we’ve assembled

Conversational AI and Chatbots Fill Pharma Engagement Gap

The reality for patients with chronic conditions is that they often need access to care 24/7, and they, as well as their caregivers, have a lot of questions about their disease state and medication. T

When I Was Growing Up

Does the invention of the calculator negate the need to learn simple math? Does the availability of Google Translate mean that we no longer have to learn a second language? A recent blog by X-Prize fo

A Glimpse at Life with a Virtual Health Assistant

As design becomes more intuitive, machines are able to benefit us in new ways, and nowhere does the simplification of human/machine interaction hold more potential for improving lives than in the fiel

Cool New Companies to Watch: Estimote

The Alme platform’s ability to integrate with other technologies gives it incredible versatility. With its “Nearable” technology, Estimote offers exciting possibilities for management of chronic disea

Delivering the Healthcare Service Boomers Want

Healthcare providers have only moments with one patient before hurrying to the next, and forecasts say the situation will only get worse. With the baby-boomers reaching retirement and an increasingly

Disrupting health care is serious business.

The next great breakthrough in healthcare isn’t any one product; it’s a fundamental system-wide strategic realignment that puts people at the center of their care. That’s why Next IT is presenting The

Alme Health Coach Now Available To Help Patients Manage Chronic Conditions

Description: Next IT launches Alme Health Coach, a product that builds a relationship with each patient to overcome one of the biggest hurdles in chronic disease management: non-adherence to care plan

Are Patients Being Forgotten In the Health Tech Surge?

The surge of new technology leveraging big data and artificial intelligence holds the promise of improved healthcare for everyone – but these tools will only be effective if they’re designed to be eng

Behavioural Economics in Practice: The New Health Frontier

To keep up with an ever-changing healthcare landscape, the market needs to understand how their patients actually behave and what can be done to help them deal with all the aspects of their chronic he

Can a Virtual Agent help make you healthier?

People who take their medicines regularly and refill prescriptions on-time improve their long-term health. Research also shows that pharmacies emphasizing human-to-human interactions have more consist

Can technology save us?

During a recent trip to SXSW Interactive 2015, it was evident that health apps and wearables are hot technologies. Find out how people are using them and how they think they could be improved.

Field report: World Congress Summit

Next IT’s Victor Morrison and Thomas Morrow, M.D. recently attended the World Congress Summit – a gathering of leaders in the healthcare industry. What they found was a need for adherence-boosting tec

Health Data Tracking Needs Coaching, Not Just Athletes

Our very own Thomas Morrow, M.D., published a post on Medium today, detailing his view on the future of health data tracking and the potential for virtual health assistants.

Help deliver the KO in the fight against MS and hemophilia

With multiple sclerosis (MS) affecting more than 2.3 million people worldwide and hemophilia affecting more than 400,000, chances are someone you know is dealing with the symptoms of these chronic dis

HIMSS13 Onlooker’s Recap

HIMSS 2013 hosted over 34,000 healthcare professionals, scholars and Health IT solutions professionals for the 5-day event kick-off. HIMSS events always elicit enthusiasm for change, and this year was

How Technology fits into the Health Insurance Exchange Picture

Insurance exchanges are supposed to help the uninsured find health insurance. With government mandates for states to build one by January 2014, there is a focus on online enrollment capabilities and i

If you could listen to your team’s conversations with providers, what would you learn?

Your sales reps are a valuable source of market data – but if you were a fly on the wall, you’d see that you haven’t been getting the full picture.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants, Behavioral Economics and the New Health Frontier

To date, physicians have lacked tools to give them real-time access to information that would allow them to better serve patients. They’ve also lacked a way to gather unbiased data on patients’ true a

Lancet article confirms need for behavior change agent

Chronic disease is a leading killer in the U.S., and its causes are largely avoidable. Now, a newly mature technology is giving physicians the tools they need to effect behavior change.

Life with a VHA – Technologist’s Cut

“Life with a Virtual Health Assistant,” has elicited quite a bit of feedback. In “Life with a Virtual Health Assistant – Technologist’s Cut,” two Next IT EVPs give you a rundown of the tech that bring

Making Purchasing Insurance Easy for Everyday People

Why is buying health insurance so difficult? There are so many questions, so many options, and you have to give personal information you may not be comfortable sharing with a random call-center rep. N

Making sense of the healthcare exchanges

With the launch of the Affordable Care Act, health insurance exchanges are going to be a nightmare for the average person. People are going to need personalized help to find the right plan, and virtua

National Health IT Week – a meeting of unsung heroes

National Health IT Week gives the industry’s leaders an opportunity to collaborate, and their work has a larger effect on our nation’s health than you might think.

Next IT hosts Forrester-led roundtable of mobile health app leaders

In a recent roundtable of mobile health app leaders, Next IT engaged in an important discussion regarding healthcare professionals and companies developing technologies to serve them. Whether you have

Next IT Knocks it out of the Ballpark with Alme for Healthcare

In nearly 12 years, Next IT has developed a virtual assistant platform that successfully addresses the needs of a variety of customers: airlines, telecom giants, financial institutions, and the U.S. A

Patients need a support system to stay healthy

In a recent MedCity News article, Next IT Chief Medical Officer Thomas Morrow, M.D., shines a light on our nation’s struggle with following doctor’s orders.

Payers, Get Ready....

The Affordable Care Act is a mixed bag for healthcare payers. On the one hand, millions of potential customers bringing good business. On the other, it will take considerable effort and superior custo

Pharma: Making the Shift from Volume to Value

As the world of healthcare and pharma becomes more performance-based, companies will be required to prove improved outcomes of drug and therapy use; a difficult thing to do when patients aren’t taking

Resource Guide to Patient Engagement Technologies in Healthcare

If you’re a healthcare professional who’s been looking for new ways to improve patient care, you may have questions about the kinds of technology that can make it happen. Find the guidance you’ve been

Shaping the Future of Person-Centric Care

Modern medicine’s advances are nothing short of miraculous, but until guidelines for effective treatment can be easily understood and followed by every patient, its benefits have proven to be short-li

SXSW heads in the right direction with Health & Medtech track

Next IT’s very own Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Thomas Morrow, spoke and attended the newer health & medtech track at SXSW in Austin last month. In this article, he shares his top two takeaways from the

The Impact of Virtual Health Assistants on Global Health Literacy

Smartphones hold the promise to be the vehicle that will help to scale philanthropic and education efforts in remote locations of developing countries where health literacy is nearly non-existent. As

Three Things Health IT Can't Ignore

Healthcare is shifting to become a consumer-driven business. But if the industry expects to keep up with consumer demands and truly gain their trust, they need to provide three key advances: remarkabl

[VIDEO] Healthcare Impact: Natural Language Technology

Two things are certain when it comes to the future of healthcare: first that healthcare demands are on the rise with the Affordable Care Act and increasing age of baby-boomers, and secondly that there

Virtual Health Assistants and Smartphones Ready to Transform Patient Engagement

Patients hardly ever take their meds as prescribed, and physicians wish they could be there 24/7 to coach and encourage them. Virtual health assistants give them a way to do just that – and patient ou

Virtual Health Assistants: The Rx for Non-Compliance and Physician Shortage

Patients don’t take their meds like they’re supposed to – and the unnecessary financial burden on the U.S. healthcare system is staggering. Virtual health assistants can provide the coaching that will

Who Really Owns the Patient Experience?

Direct interaction between physicians and patients – traditionally thought of as the foundation of healthcare delivery – is now averaging just 19 minutes per visit. But now, sites like Web MD put info
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