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Shatter the Seven Myths of Machine Learning 

You Probably Don’t Understand Machine Learning. And That's OK. 

Discussions about machine learning are often riddled with misconceptions, inaccuracies, and, frankly, outright fallacies. And even business leaders are increasingly unable to navigate through all this noise and effectively incorporate machine learning into their business.

Verint Next IT can help.

Here, we’re offering the report, “Shatter the Seven Myths of Machine Learning,” which was authored by Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D. of Forrester Research, a leading advisory and research firm that works with business and technology leaders. This Forrester report lays to rest many of the misconceptions, misunderstandings, and myths surrounding machine learning and provides easy-to-digest explanations about the reality of machine learning.

As a recognized leader in conversational AI, Verint Next IT understands how to unlock the power of machine learning in business, and we want to help you become machine learning literate so that you can share accurate information within your organization and with your colleagues. You’ll see what machine learning can and can’t do and bring that knowledge into the way you communicate about this technology and its possibilities within your company. In other words, you’ll learn core machine learning concepts and how to leverage them. Happy reading!