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Intelligent Virtual Assistants for IT Helpdesk

Keep your operation up and running with 24/7 assistance and information.

Automated IT Support for Your Enterprise

Optimize your workforce and revolutionize your employee experience with automated IT Helpdesk support for your enterprise. An intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) supports your employees and improves operational efficiency by providing instant answers and up-to-date information around-the-clock.

Deliver a valuable self-service experience and personalized resolution to IT-related issues including login issues, ticket requests, software updates, network connectivity problems and more.

The IVA supports your internal team by:

  • Providing fast access to the information and tools your team needs
  • Automating high-volume, mundane interactions
  • Executing tasks on behalf of the employee
  • Providing guided resolution
  • Retrieving information

An IVA for IT Helpdesk can provide critical IT-related support across your enterprise, with personalized self-service across your enterprise, 24/7, around the world. Your valuable IT team can focus on more complex tasks while you save money, manpower and downtime helping everyone else.

Client Results

28% improved ticket resolution time
19.1% reduction in ‘how to’ support tickets
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Ask about our IVA Starter Packs.

Our IVA Starter Packs are designed to help enterprises get started with validated use cases and measurable key performance indicators (KPIs), to give you the foundation you need for long-term success.

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