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Intelligent Virtual Assistants for eCommerce

Guided shopping experiences drive digital sales.

Put the Wind in Your Sales with AI

Drive digital sales and customer satisfaction with an intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) that provides personalized shopping support for your eCommerce enterprise.

An IVA enhances the consumer experience on your existing eCommerce website by helping shoppers discover relevant products, services, deals and content. In personal, conversational interactions, the IVA helps you and your team boost the metrics that matter most: sales, conversions, cross-selling, up-selling and more, by:

  • Delivering targeted welcome messages and proactive engagements
  • Answering questions and navigating the user to relevant content
  • Offering complementary products and upgrades
  • Providing a guided sales approach

When consumers have digital access to every imaginable product or service, it’s no longer enough to simply sell online. Today, customer service is more important than ever, at a scale and speed that’s only possible with a team that’s supported by AI.

Client Results

$1.15M revenue generated per month, 30% increase with IVA
$13.5M revenue per quarter, 12% increase in total chat channel sales

Ask about our IVA Starter Packs.

Our IVA Starter Packs are designed to help enterprises get started with validated use cases and measurable key performance indicators (KPIs), to give you the foundation you need for long-term success.

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