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How to Modernize Digital Customer Self-Service

Is Your Digital Customer Service Living Up to Customer Expectations?

Today, customers increasingly use self-service. In fact, it’s often the first touchpoint they have with your business. Positive self-service experiences increase customer satisfaction and engagement, while poor self-service can drive your customers to go elsewhere. 

So, how can you improve your self-service strategies to provide faster, more convenient customer service?  

“How to Modernize Digital Customer Self-Service,” a recent report from Forrester Research, a leading advisory and research firm, highlights the importance of digital self-service capabilities. It also helps customer service leaders understand the technology and steps that are necessary to power great self-service.

In the report, Forrester Analyst, Kate Leggett, explains:

  • How digital self-service technologies can help companies improve and scale experiences for the future
  • The importance of making self-service faster and more convenient
  • Ways to embed self-service into every communication channel
  • Three critical steps to creating, maintaining and optimizing self-service
  • How to assemble the building blocks of modern self-service

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