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Our Research Team

The research team at Verint Next IT is focused on driving actionable intelligence to enable enterprise businesses with conversational analysis of dialogue systems. The team continues to lead work in the area of better understanding human/machine language challenges and the opportunities to uncover communication intentions more effectively.

As human conversation is riddled with intricacies and nuances, our team’s work in natural language processing and natural language understanding is very important as more enterprise organizations look towards conversational AI to enable their business. Imagine teaching two different species how to talk to one another. What would that take? Not only would you need to teach them both a new language, you would need them to understand the context of the other person’s world. Then, imagine making that conversation advanced and fluent, without misunderstandings.

By looking at and exploring the unexpected patterns in language data between humans and machines, the team helps to detect and resolve those misunderstandings between the two – to ultimately improve user experiences. Their work is used to improve the accuracy of our enterprise intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) – and ensure they provide a human-like conversational experience. The AI tools that are built as a result of this research are used by our clients and their customers in every industry, all over the world.

AI is powerful and can make businesses more efficient in an infinite number of ways. Businesses grow and expand with AI and we focus on continuously improving those human-machine interactions…every day.

Ian Beaver, PhD

Chief Scientist

Cynthia Freeman

Research Scientist

Jon Merriman

Research Scientist

Bryan Culley

Lead Research Engineer

Timothy Hewitt

Linguistic Scientist

Xinyu Chen

Machine Learning Engineer

Phoenix Gabriel

Research Engineer